“Wanda’s every performance is different from the last—she’s always adapting to the room. She’s a real star in that sense, as very few performers I’ve seen know how to do this. It’s no wonder that with that voice and that skill, Wanda consistently brings in more guests—both regulars and tourists—than any other performer.”

Eiran Gazit, Owner/Innkeeper
Gateways Inn & Restaurant – Lenox, MA

“Wanda is a presence. The calls are made, the reservations taken, and the room ready. When she arrives, the crowd immediately gets excited. It is a pleasure for me to watch the different reactions of those who came because of her and those who are so pleasantly surprised at their luck having stumbled upon such a treasure. With her extremely talented band behind her, her soulful voice moves from haunting to playful from one song to the next. Wanda can be counted on to make a good night out even better.”

Jane Blanchard, Manager
Firefly Gastropub – Lenox, MA